2014 AthFest 180g Vinyl LP

2014 AthFest 180g Vinyl LP


Track Listing:


1. New Madrid: "Forest Gum"
2. Ruby the Rabbitfoot: "Ways"
3. Family and Friends: "Rust and Bone"
4. Faster Circuits: "Relative Obscurity"
5. Elf Power: "Lift the Shell"


1. Drive-By Truckers: "Rock Solid"
2. Cicada Rhythm: "Meredith"
3. Nicholas Mallis: "Why Do You Light The Candles?"
4. Shade: "Know Your Sine"
5. Ghost Owl: "Eleven"

By purchasing this and other AthFest media, you are directly financially supporting AthFest Educates, the festival's parent organization. AthFest Educates continues to do good work with its music education efforts. The nonprofit recently announced that it awarded over $10,000 in music and arts grants for eight Clarke County School District schools, which went towards purchasing instruments, supporting performances and establishing scholarships. In addition, AthFest Educates purchased $5,000 in instruments for Clarke Middle School.

Thank you for your support!